Prevent Squirrels From Getting in Your Attic

Prevent Squirrels From Getting in Your Attic

An invasion of squirrels in your attic can spell disaster. Aside from the fact that it can be a nuisance, they can also cause damages to your home. The sound of squirrels scampering about above your head may prove bothersome. However, you should keep in mind that the most important factor is that squirrels like to chew up wooden beams and wiring. They also like to tear up insulation. In other words, a squirrel invasion can prove expensive, which is why preventing them from entering your attic is important.

Block Entryways

There are many ways a squirrel can enter your attic. They can use cable and utility lines or even pipes to gain access to the attic. Ensure all openings around cables and pipes are sealed tight. Keep in mind that an entryway does not have to be very big for a squirrel to gain entry to your home.

Make sure you also inspect the outside of your home. Look for signs of damaged siding and trim that squirrels may use to enter and exit your attic space. Go around and seal your home up tight around overhanging and joints. Another option is to go up into your attic. If you see any places where the light shines through, seal it up.

Light shining through is a potential weakness that squirrels can exploit so they can enter your attic. Use professional grade sealers to close up gaps and openings. You should also use a hardwire cloth. Hardwire cloths are difficult to chew through. Do not attempt to use soft cloth as squirrels can easily chew through them with their sharp teeth.

Remove Nearby Trees and Limbs

Trees with long limbs that hang over or near your home can allow squirrels to gain access to your home. Keep in mind that squirrels are opportunistic creatures. They will use whatever means necessary to enter an attic. Walk around your home and perform an inspection. Make note of limbs and trees situated too close to the side of your home or your roof.

Trim long limbs back to help prevent squirrels from jumping onto your roof. You might also have to consider complete tree removal if you have any trees sitting too close to your home. Since tree removal is such a large job, you might want to have a professional assist you with the process.

If you already suspect that squirrels have taken up residence in your home, you will need to contact a professional to handle squirrel removal. A professional can safely and effectively remove squirrels in a way that prevents them from re-entering your home. Once they have been removed, make sure to seal up the entries they used so other squirrels do not follow suit.

Never attempt to remove squirrels on your own. Most DIY methods are either ineffective or dangerous. If you perform a DIY approach, you may find yourself in violation of certain rules and regulations throughout the Greater Ontario Area that protect wildlife from death, suffering, and endangerment. Professionals, however, understand what processes to follow and do so in accordance with rules and regulations.

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