how to remove squirrels from fire place

How to remove squirrels from fire place

Squirrels are crazy little creatures that climb around your roof looking for a safe place to make a family. Sometimes they get the weird idea that they should live in your chimney. Now most of the time this goes fine for the squirrel, assuming it’s not discovered by the owners of the house, but in some cases the squirrels actually cannot escape the chimney and end up dying in it. Not a pretty sight when you get down in there and find out the squirrels are actually just dead.

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The reason for this is most people have sealed up their chimney and turned into a gas or electric fireplace. Those that haven’t transformed or renovated them still seal them off to prevent animals from getting in. If the animals can’t climb out then they are done for.

This is why if you have squirrels in your chimney you need to get them out, not only to protect your chimney from damage but also to stop the squirrels from getting stuck in there and dying. 

You can try getting them out yourself but that is a recipe for disaster and death. It is a much better idea to call the professionals. Squirrel Control has trained technicians that specialize in wildlife removal that is safe and humane. We can investigate how they got into the chimney and then attach a one-way door that allows them to leave but prevents them from returning. If the squirrels are dead we can remove the bodies and sterilize the chimney. 

So don’t try to do this on your own, its way too dangerous. Instead call the professionals at Squirrel control, we can get rid of any infestation you have and more!

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