how to remove squirrels humanely

How to remove squirrels humanely

A lot of people think that wild animals can only be gotten rid of by trapping or killing them. Well killing them is illegal and trapping them is a waste of time. Most animals have seen or had experience with traps and are not fooled. So if you have a squirrel in your attic what is there to do? You can try human methods of getting the squirrel out. Have squirrels you want to get rid of? Contact Squirrel Removal Toronto for all your squirrel problems!

If it is a mother with babies you can harass her with loud music and lights and that may get her out of your attic out of fear but if your attic is safe and warm and your property full of food then the squirrel has no reason to leave. The squirrel can feast on your garbage and eat leftover food left outside. And if you have pets that you feed outside the food and water bowls are very attractive to squirrels. So make sure to clean your property, don’t leave out food and pet food and seal your garbage in a locked container, preferably in your garage with a door that meets the ground tightly. Doing all of this will help get the squirrel out but may not be enough.

You can also hire Squirrel Control. We can safely and humanely remove the squirrel from your home without causing excess damage. It only takes a week on average and the animal will barely realize the process worked. We send our technician to inspect your property for entry points. All but the main entry point are sealed. The main entry point will have a one-way door attached to it that will allow the squirrel to leave the attic but stop it from getting back in. We can also do baby removal and even replace your insulation if it’s been ruined.

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