How to Tell Whether You Have Squirrels in Your Home Right Now

How to Tell Whether you have Squirrels in Your Home Right Now

Squirrels are cute but troublesome little animals. These pests truly belong outdoors because they will give you quite the headache should they come inside. Squirrels cause terrible damage to ceilings and attics, risking fires and power outages in the process. If you think there are squirrels in your home, do not hesitate to call Squirrel Removal Toronto.

Two species of squirrel invade Ontarian homes: the eastern grey squirrel and the red squirrel. The eastern grey squirrel is the biggest one, measuring up to 30cm in length and weighing 600 grams. This squirrel is either grey with a white belly or fully black in colour. The red squirrel measures a mere 21cm and only weighs 330 grams. This squirrel also has a shorter tail than the eastern grey and prefers to live in coniferous forests. Both squirrels feed primarily on buds, nuts, seeds, berries, and mushrooms. Squirrels are attracted to human homes because they are warm, and they provide squirrels with an opportunity to nest above ground.

There are several signs that point to a squirrel infestation. First, you may be able to hear scratching, squealing, or scurrying sounds coming from inside the attic or walls of the home. You will be most likely to hear these in the early hours of the day or at sunset. Next, you may find evidence of squirrel damage near the infested area. Check your attic and wherever you suspect squirrel activity for teeth marks, chewed electrical wires, wood chips, or scattered insulation. As you get closer to the nest, you may also find feces or their smell. The ceiling below the nest may also show signs of water damage as a result of urine leaking down from the nest. Finally, check the roof outside for any signs of damage as well. Look for holes and broken shingles. An increased amount of squirrel activity up on your roof may also indicate an invasion inside.

If you suspect that there are squirrels in your home right now, contact a local pest removal company for help. They can help you locate the nest and stop the animals from coming inside. A technician will most likely install a one-way door to the entrance the squirrels are using, which will allow the rodents to leave but block them from re-entering. Once evacuated, the hole can be repaired along with whatever mess they made inside.

The professionals at Squirrel Control are experienced in squirrel removal and pest-proofing. We perform thorough inspections to get to the bottom of any squirrel problem. We’ll check every nook and cranny of your roof for any weak spots and block them accordingly. Our galvanized steel mesh is impenetrable to squirrels. Call Squirrel Control today for guaranteed pest control: 647-496-0815.

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