Types of major Roof Damages Caused by Squirrels

Types of major Roof Damages Caused by Squirrels

Many people find squirrels just absolutely adorable. They will often intentionally feed them thinking it’s cute and that they will not then remain on the property permanently, going so far as to snatch food out of your hand and break through the drip edge of your roof and live in the attic while water pours in through your roof, all the while still thinking the squirrel is cute.

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Well, they are not cute. They are a dangerous and constant threat to the rooves of every home in the country. Everywhere squirrels can be found, they can be found living in people’s attics. The most common situation where a squirrel will be living in your attic is when she is in heat. This occurs twice a year, once at the end of the winter and once in late summer. At these times the squirrel is desperate to find a nice warm attic nest. They need to protect their babies from other animals who would love to eat something with such soft bones. So she will break into an attic. She will then leave and find a male. She will take him to her nest and mate with him. Then she will aggressively and violently force the male out of her nest, going so far as to attack the male and tear at its tail and scratch at its face. The male will leave, often very quickly the female will now be pregnant. For the next few weeks, she will collect food and make a nest in your attic where she will also store enough food to get through birth and feed her new children for around three weeks. In this time you will be entirely unable to get the squirrel out of your attic, no matter what you try. She has food stores to last her weeks and her babies are entirely immobile. She will not leave. So the key is to catch her before she gives birth when she is still finding food and looking for a mate. This is when you evict them, they will run off and find a new nest very quickly in someone else’s attic and you will be saved from a long and painful process that often costs thousands after replacing the insulation and fixing the damage in the attic.

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