Can Squirrels Enter Your Attic Using Electrical Poles Close to Your Home

Can Squirrels Enter Your Attic Using Electrical Poles Close to Your Home?

Squirrels are wild animals you do not want to get in the house. They will severely damage the insulation in your attic, increasing your energy bills and risking fire in the process. Squirrels also carry dangerous diseases, so they risk making you sick. Taking the right precautions to prevent a squirrel invasion is a good idea. For quality squirrel-proofing and pest removal, call Squirrel Control Toronto.

Squirrels are incredibly agile creatures that naturally live in trees. This agility not only allows them to move freely from tree to tree but also to adapt very well to urban living. Squirrels are common in cities all over the world, climbing walls and jumping down from the trees and wires above to get to our attics. Squirrels absolutely use electrical poles to enter attics. They also climb nearby trees and power lines. Once on the roof, squirrels will chew on whatever weak spots they find to create openings into the attic. They will also climb down the chimney and build nests in there.

You can help prevent a squirrel invasion by closely examining your roof for any vulnerabilities or entry points that squirrels could use to get inside. Check along the edges of your roof for any gaps or cracks that you could fix. You can also strengthen any gaps you find by screwing in some steel mesh. Look closely around any pipes or vents sticking out from the roof as squirrels commonly chew here. You can cap and strengthen these areas as well with a strong mesh. The chimney can also be capped to prevent any squirrels from climbing in. Trimming tree branches about 4 feet away from the roof should also help.

If you think there are squirrels getting into your attic, listen closely for any activity during the early hours of the morning and again at sunset. You may be able to hear squealing and thumping sounds in the ceiling, attic, or walls of the home. Seeing lots of squirrels on the roof may also indicate an invasion. To get rid of them, contact a professional pest remover. He or she will find the opening the animals are using and block it with a one-way door. This will allow the squirrels to leave but prevent them from coming back.

Some squirrels will do whatever it takes to get in the attic. Swinging branches, utility poles, and electrical wires are no match for squirrels and their agility. If you’re worried about squirrels, don’t hesitate to reach out to Squirrel Control. Our technicians are highly experienced in squirrel removal and carry out thorough pest-proofing services. Call Squirrel Control today and ask us about our warranties: 647-496-0815.

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