Squirrel urine and attic damage

Squirrel urine and attic damage

Squirrels are a serious menace. They are a threat to just about everything humans love and care for. They can ruin your garden in one day and they can tear apart your attic in a week. They can chew wires that start fires, they can defecate and urinate in your insulation to the point that will start pouring from the ceiling. Ceilings have collapsed from wildlife infestations so this is not something to take lightly. This is a very serious situation that you need to either deal with yourself or to call a professional to deal with it properly. 

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The reason squirrels are such common attic dwellers is very simple. The female’s squirrel enters heat twice a year. The first time they enter heat is right after the end of winter. This is a common time for squirrels to nest in attics because the attic provides warmth that allows them to remain fully active through the winter. This is why you commonly see squirrels running around in the snow when they should be hibernating through the winter. This is just a small example of how powerful an effect human society can have on the planet. We are a powerful species that can affect our surroundings in ways we do not even realize. We need to take care not to allow the life cycles of these animals to alter because they are members of a grand scheme that, of tilted off-kilter, could end us all. 

So for that reason, you will want to call a professional when dealing with a squirrel in your attic, they are either there to ride out the winter or to make babies. And when a female squirrel gives birth her babies are like human babies in that they are immobile. They must be fed and cared for until they grow fur and can walk. If you have a squirrel in your attic raising babies it’s a good chance that you will have to wait for around 3 weeks before you can even try to get her out because she is not going to budge while she is raising her babies. Now thankfully there is an alternative. A professional can enter the attic and remove the squirrel babies and place them in a box. They can then attach a one-way door to the entranceway the animal made and evict the mother by force. Call Squirrel Control today for a free quote. 

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