Is feeding squirrels dangerous

Is feeding squirrels dangerous?

It depends on where you are. If you are in a public park there may be signs warning you against it and feeding the squirrels will make the park less enjoyable for the people who don’t want squirrels chasing them and running up their pant legs, but if your goal is to feed squirrels that is the safest place to do it. Feeding them on your property is the biggest mistake you could ever make in your life, up there with feeding raccoons. The squirrels will learn to live off your food, if you take it away they will starve and eat each other if you keep doing more will come and more will be born.

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You will soon have a swarm to deal with and every one of them will want to find a place in your home to live. In this situation, it can get so bad that the squirrel freely enters through open windows and door and rifles through the kitchen and run into bedrooms. They will start to think that you are their new parent and that they are welcome in your home. If you live with anyone else they will likely leave and your home will quickly become unlivable and condemned. You will be forced out of your home and into protective custody as the police and doctors consider people who feed wild animals mentally ill. This will result in the loss of your home, your family and your life. 

This may sound like a total exaggeration but it is not. People have lost their homes to pests and wildlife like squirrels and termites, the world of pests and wildlife is seriously dangerous and not to be played with or fed. Feeding wildlife results in their dependence on the food you provide them and when that food stops being provided you will end up with some angry animals that will starve, attack you and even eat each other.

So call squirrel control, we can get the squirrels off your property with trapping and we can get them out of the house with snarring and one way doors that force them to leave but prevent them from getting back in. They will soon be gone from your property and your home and family will be safe. So make a booking now for our well trained and experienced technicians who will come to the site, remove the animals and perform a preventative exclusion to keep them out for good, with a two-year guarantee. 

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