Importance of Regularly Checking Your Roof for Entry Points

Importance of Regularly Checking Your Roof for Entry Points

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, worse for your entire home from the basement to the tip of the roof, than holes. Holes in your roof don’t just let in rain and snow and the elements but also wild animals and pests. Field mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats, rats and anything that can climb a downspout can get into your attic or basement and cause enormous damage that could easily result in a house fire and the loss of everything you have worked your entire life for. This is something you need to take seriously and deal with right away. The best time to get an inspection for holes in your roof and other types of exclusion is the first day you buy it. Don’t take any chances. The animals could already be living in the attic right now. 

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The roof is the cover for the house, it protects the inside from the outside. If it gets penetrated the attic could easily end up covered in dangerous mould that will make your family sick and with animal feces and urine everywhere, there can be so much liquid in the attic from a damaged roof, even just a 1 in by 1 in the hole could bring your entire ceiling crashing down on your head. The moisture, the mould and the feces and urine combine to create a toxic acid-like bath that seeps into walls and soaks wood and drywall, rusts metal pipes and dissolves electric wire casing. It can sink into the foundation, slowly pushing the and cracking the concrete until it cracks. This can lead to flooding. So don’t take any chances. Call the exterminators inc, today to make a booking. We can seal any entranceway on your roof and around the outside of your home. We can help you patch your foundation and exclude areas where mice and rats can enter the home. We can also seal off vents and soffits and seal your drip edge with flashing. 

While you may not think you are the kind of person who would have an animal in your attic, wildlife does not decide where it will nest based on who has more money. Huge mansions are often far more infested than a little house with a picket fence. The larger the structure the more places for infestations to hide. A big house, like an apartment building, will always have animals banging at the walls and windows and crawling on the roof, a small house only has so much space for animals to get in and live. And in a small house, it does not take long to realize the house has become infested. 

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