How to squirrel proof your wall vents

How to squirrel proof your wall vents

Squirrels are a nightmare. They are very dumb with a very tiny brain compared to their bodies. For this reason, they do not do much exploration before going for the first entryway they see. Wall vents are a great way for them to access the house, they are usually plastic and rather easy to rip off the wall with a bit tooth work and some elbow grease, which are two things squirrels are very good at. They will get that vent off, even if it takes days, even if it takes weeks. They are stubborn and they don’t give up. Part of that is because they cannot fully comprehend the fact that the future can repeat itself. So they just keep going, no matter what. 

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The best way to protect those vents is to get them excluded. This is something a professional exterminator can do quite easily. They have special cages they can attach to the perimeter around the vent. The vent will be sealed with a steel cage that will be essentially impenetrable to a squirrel. This is a great method to prevent them but what if they have already gotten into the house? There have been situations where squirrels have invaded a dryer vent and popped out to terrorize the family living in the home. Squirrels are not afraid to make themselves known in that way. Unlike most animals that invade homes, they do not hide. They are active during the day when humans are awake and they make a lot of noise. So when it comes to a squirrel in your home, it will not be hard to recognize. 

In this case, there is very little you can do to get them out. Simply trying to climb up on the roof is dangerous enough, professional technicians need to spend weeks and even months learning how to use a tall ladder. If your home is a bungalow then you may be able to safely get on the roof but if it’s a 4-floor townhouse you will fall off the roof and there is no rolling out of that fall. So if the situation has gotten serious, if they are in the attic making babies and defecating everywhere and you need them out but have no idea how to do it yourself then call the professionals at Squirrel Control. We can get rid of those squirrels and clean up their mess like they were never there. 

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