How to squirrel proof your roof vents

How to squirrel proof your roof vents

Squirrels are not very intelligent. They regularly apply nothing but a brute force when attempting to enter an attic. Raccoons slowly inspect every aspect of the roof to find the perfect entranceway which usually involves pulling aside some of the aluminum sidings in a small corner of the roof. Squirrels are not that patient. They will find a vent or a soffit and they will climb right on in. They don’t mind small spaces and are willing to make a nest just about anywhere no matter how ridiculous it is.

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Now one strange thing about squirrels is that they are not easily chased away. When they start making a nest somewhere and some human comes along and destroys it they won’t leave and find a new location like most animals, they will start over as their new attempt will go better than the last. This is a bad idea but squirrels will regularly make nest after nest in places that are very easy for humans to see and access with a hose or jug of water. Simply pour the water or spray the hose at the nest and if there is a squirrel in it they will run away up a tree and wait for you to leave so they can start again.

Now a lot of people wonder, squirrels are not particularly toxic, they are a species that rarely gets rabies and is considered immune to the virus, with feces that are plant-based with no animal products like that of a raccoon. They are not strong enough to cause much real damage and yet every time they try to make a nest humans destroy it. The reality is an animal does not have to be a danger to be a nuisance. If you have an animal or insect infestation you have the choice to get it out or to let it stay. Many people will leave a beehive and even wasp nests because they are endangered and pollinators. Squirrels are not so much dangerous as destructive. They will damage your home when they make a nest and that nest will likely have a lot of wet rotting leaves in it so that will be a struggle to get out of the soffit. 

Getting a squirrel out of actual tight space is not something a person can do on their own. Like a raccoon, the animal needs to be trapped in the area with only one means of escape like a one-way door. If you take initiative and get a professional to perform full exclusion on your home they can block off all wildlife access.

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