Is there any squirrel trap

Is there any squirrel trap?

Squirrels are protected wildlife. While trapping is allowed, it is not recommended. If you simply have squirrels in your yard there is no reason to act. Squirrels live everywhere and getting rid of them is like trying to kill the hydra, cut off one head, and two more appear. So outside squirrels generally are not an issue, until they start to break into your home to give birth to their babies and tear the attic apart. In this case, there are preventative measures you can take, you can get a professional exterminator to exclude, that is, to seal off openings and accessible areas on your house, using steel mesh and cages.

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This process is guaranteed for two years and if anything manages to break through the technicians will return and seal the area or remove the animal if it managed to get in. The most important aspect of squirrel removal is that it be humane. Squirrels have protected wildlife and the government of Ontario takes that very seriously. If you trap a squirrel on your property, and you fail to relocate it before it dies, you could have the police show up at your door and quickly find yourself in handcuffs. 

The reason the squirrel is in your attic is not for fun or to find a swanky new pad in the city. They are desperate to find a safe place they can give birth in and safely raise their immobile babies into functional mature youths who can hunt on their own. Without a truly safe place to do this the population of squirrels would drop. If this sounds great then we agree, excluding your home is the best way to prevent aggressive animal entry and to help lower the natural population of these creatures in your yard. 

If you have squirrels on your property that are causing damage to your home and causing your children to not be able to play outside then it is time to deal with them. Do not try to trap them yourself, you are far more likely to kill them by accident than get them off your property. You will need to call professionals from Squirrel Control who have years of training and experience dealing with squirrel trapping, and while the chances of getting rid of all of them are very low, and the chance that more will simply come and take their place is very likely it is a service we can provide. 

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