Metal drip edge to keep squirrels from entering your attic

Metal drip edge to keep squirrels from entering your attic

The most common type of squirrel to invade an attic is the female grey squirrel. The gray squirrel is one that does not like winter at all, it is very territorial and prefers a warm place to live through the winter. Generally, the female will bring a male into her nest, mate with him, and then chase him out of the attic aggressively. Once that is done there is a 3 week period in which the female squirrel will become pregnant and give birth. This is the best time to get the squirrel out of your attic. They tend to mate twice a year, first in the early spring and then in the late summer. These two times of year are the times you need to watch out for. When the female enters the attic they are still able to leave. When they are pregnant it gets harder to get them out, when they give birth it becomes nearly impossible. So act fast and if you need to hire a professional, hire one. 

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Now, this can all be avoided by hiring a good roofer. There are a pandemic and North America of scam artist roofers who cut corners to the point that your roof cant even protects your house from rain. They skip out on vapor barriers and underlays and they stick the shingles on all crooked. They don’t care about your home or your roof. To them, it is just a job they want to get done as fast as possible so they can overcharge you and spend the money while your roof collapses on your head. 

The best thing you can do is listen. When you have a roofer you should watch for red flags in their speech. This is usually exemplified by the use of the phrase “don’t worry about that” If you have a roofer who uses that phrase it would be better to call someone else. Because it is assured that that roofer will not be sealing your drip edge and within months a squirrel will be living in your attic while rainwater gets in and soaks your ceiling. So when choosing a roofer, be very picky. 

If the situation has progressed and you are stuck with a squirrel in your attic with babies then removing it on your own is out of the question. The diseases they carry, the danger of the squirrel mother attacking you, and the risk of accidentally killing one of the immobile babies are too great. Call a professional at Squirrel Control, we can remove the babies safely and unharmed and humanely remove the squirrel without having to relocate it to somewhere they have never lived, which would result in their slow and painful death. 

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