Over Fascia Vents can be damaged by squirrels

Over Fascia Vents can be damaged by squirrels

Houses, where do they come from? Builders. Carpenters. Roofers and drywallers. Concrete Experts and a whole ton of elbow grease. The job of building a house is so absolutely enormous that most laymen cannot even comprehend the extent of engineering that goes into building a house. And this is amplified by the genius of the Fascia Vent. The vent continues up through the facia into the wood the roof is made from. About one foot up there is a gap in the wood that allows air to pass into the attic. This and not the actual vent is what the squirrel will attack. With a few chews they can get into your attic and getting them out is a very big procedure. 

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Your attic is an unstable environment. You could have all kinds of extremes because it is locked off from the outside world. But with the addition of fascia vents, the boiling hot attic turns into a cool dream. Your energy bills will be nearly nothing and your house will be cool in the hottest days of summer even without an air conditioning unit or HVAC system. But this does come with a grave cost. As you enjoy your cool home the community of wild animals outside your door plan their invasion. These vents, while ingenious and utilitarian in the design are a threat to the attic they are trying to protect. This vent is a welcome matt to the wildlife of the world. 

So what is there to do? What can be done about a necessary structure that can stop your house from catching on fire? The animals that enter it also destroy it in the process so the cost of repairs is very high, one squirrel can cost thousands in roof repairs. So what can you do to prevent this sort of infestation? You can call an exterminator. At Squirrel Control we have the technicians with the skills and understanding they need to grab your problem by the tail. They can get an existing squirrel out of your attic with ease and once the animal is gone they can return to perform something we call “Exclusion”, this process involves the use of steel mesh, covers, sealers, and other devices used to exclude your home from invasion. If you have an open fascia vent then you will need to have it excluded with steel mesh tape. The technician will know exactly what to do and when they are finished you will experience the total calm of knowing that your roof is safe from squirrel infestation. Now raccoons, that’s a whole nother story. 

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