Should you have a squirrel feeder in your yard

Should you have a squirrel feeder in your yard?

The very concept of a squirrel feeder is so dangerous and reckless, it can cause hoards of squirrels to come down on your property, invade your home and attic, even walk in through your front door as they will perceive you as a friend and think they are welcome. They will overrun your home and property in a very short time and cause you grief and aggravation as you have never imagined. So do not buy a squirrel feeder or a bird feeder and if you have either, take them down immediately. 

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Squirrels in large numbers can become extremely territorial and aggressive. A bit or scratch from a squirrel can send you to the emergency room and even risk your life. They have feces on their claws and their saliva contains all numbers of dangerous viruses and bacteria. They also carry several parasites that can harm your pets especially. So if you have a feeder, get rid of it and if you have the animals on your property in a great number you will have to call a professional. 

Squirrels can get into your home through soffits, through roof and wall vents, up the drain pipe and through the fascia vents and the valleys in your roof. They are rodents and like all rodents, their teeth never stop growing. They must chew constantly to keep them short. This means they can chew through essentially anything like rats. They will chew on the inside of the attic, on wires and on the wood and anything else they can find and this can result in a serious fire hazard. Attic fires are very hard to put out and often end in the total destruction of the house. 

Trying to handle this yourself could be very dangerous and even deadly, setting up safe traps and human takes hours and is very complicated and likely to fall apart. You can try going up on your roof to put up a one-way door but the complexity of the task means you will be up there for a while and if you are not trained to be on a roof you could easily fall. 

So if you have a squirrel in your yard or your attic, call Squirrel Control. Our technicians are highly trained and highly experienced, they can remove the squirrel, its immobile babies and even repair your attic insulation. All our wildlife work is humane and safe and is covered by a two-year warranty. So what are you waiting for? Call now. 

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