Signs of squirrel roof damage

Signs of squirrel roof damage

The roof of your house is the most important part of the house, yet it is not truly connected to the house. There is an area called the drip edge that offers a small space for animals to squeeze through. Though this is hardly the only way squirrels can get into your house. They are not as strong as raccoons so they cannot easily rip off a vent if the vent is properly attached but they can chew through tight spaces and enter the attic. If anything is even a little damaged, if there is a tiny hole in the roof or a soffit cap keeps coming off then you have entryways a squirrel can use to get into your home. They can enlarge holes in the roof to get into the attic, they often attack the roof valley because it is rarely properly attached and often has gaps animals can squeeze through.

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Squirrels are very smart and willy. They will spend days, even weeks exploring the outside of your house in the hope of finding a usable entranceway. Once they find it they will hide in your home for as long as they can. Now unlike raccoons who are not awake in the day, squirrels are, this is a fantastic opportunist to track their location and find out where they are hiding. If this sounds like too much of a bother you can also hire an exterminator to come and perform a roof inspection to find entryways.

Signs of squirrel entry are easy to locate if you simply look. One common sign of squirrel entry is insulation being ripped out and thrown onto the ground. They often make their nests out of insulation and in the process of entering the space they often have to dig through said insulation and rip parts of it away and push it behind them. So if you see a hole anywhere on the outside of your home with insulation shoved out of it then you definitely have a squirrel infestation. Act fast before they give birth as that is general reason squirrels break into your attic. Squirrels mate twice a year, once at the end of the winter and once in late summer. They mate with a male and then kick them out of the nest and raise their babies in private, knowing males are not good for babies.

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