What is the best method of squirrel pest control?

One Way Door for Squirrel Removal

Due to vast deforestation and increasing rates of urbanization, this time held issue has become more and more common as the years have gone by. One common form of wildlife that often finds its way into a person’s dwellings includes the squirrel. Squirrels are small, tree-dwelling rodents that have gotten used to living along with side humans. Call us today for fast and reliable squirrel removal services.

This poses the threat of squirrels finding their way into persons home to build a nest. Although this common issue is very annoying, there are many ways to remove a squirrel from a house. One popular way to do this is to use a one-way door. A reason to why one-way doors are an effective form of squirrel removal is that this trap is humane. A humane trap ensures that the form of wildlife that is the target of removal will not be physically harmed or killed in the removal process. A one-way door involves a series of steps to work effectively. First, locate the area or areas in which the squirrel is using to get into a house.

Next, seal off all entrances except for one. Ideally, this one entrance should be the most popular one. After this, place the front of the one-way door at the mouth of this entrance. Lastly, set up the one-way door so that all of the mechanisms in the trap are ready to work when the squirrel stumbles upon it. This last step is easier said than done, so it is best if a trained and certified wildlife specialist is brought in to do this task. A humane wildlife specialist should be chosen as they will be familiar with this type of wildlife removal as it is a humane practice of squirrel removal. When all of these steps have been completed correctly, the process of squirrel removal will take effect.

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