squirrel feces

Question: “Is Squirrel Poop Dangerous?”


Squirrels like any living creature can carry out basic bodily functions to thrive. Like all living creatures, squirrels need to breathe, eat, and, although it’s not the nicest thing to acknowledge, they need to poop. All animals big and small poop and like all forms of poop, this unpleasant product of a body’s status of living should be approached with caution.

Poop, from any animal, is dangerous in many forms. Although it may just be an eyesore to look at, coming into any sort of physical contact with poop has its harmful effects. For instance, squirrels poop is prone to contracting various forms of dangerous bacteria. These bacteria affect squirrels in the same way that bacteria affect humans who contract this substance. Harmful bacteria, when contracted, can cause illness. This illness can be mild to severe.

However, bacteria do not just affect the organism in which it attacks, but it can also thrive in their poop. This means that squirrel poop could potentially house harmful bacteria which could result in a human becoming infected with a virus. Besides the harmful effects that might occur to a human by coming into physical contact with squirrel poop, potential negative factors could also occur if a human inhales fumes from squirrel poop.

The odour that is released from squirrel poop can contain traces of salmonella. Salmonella is another form of bacteria that can be a danger to humans, particularly to a human’s digestive tract as it is a common form of bacteria that affects food and water. Therefore humans should always avoid coming into contact with any type of squirrel poop to avoid catching a disease. Call our squirrel removal services in Toronto for fast and reliable squirrel removal.

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