How Do I Get Rid of Squirrels in My Attic Without Killing Them

Question: “How Do I Get Rid of Squirrels in My Attic Without Killing Them?”


One favourite lodging for a squirrel, and one of a person’s least favourite lodgings for a squirrel, is a person’s attic. Squirrels love attics for many reasons and we recommend calling our professional squirrel removal services in Toronto if you noticed squirrels in your attic. For instance, attics are usually free from human activity, as humans generally use their attics solely for storage purposes. Squirrels dislike human activity due to many factors such as the noise level and the sheer size difference between a human and a squirrel which causes these small animals to fear and discomfort.

These facts give evidence as to why squirrels choose to get into attics repeatedly. However, no person should have a squirrel in their attic as these are wild animals who cause destruction that could greatly lead to a house’s demise through various forms of damage. Fear not though, as there are plenty of ways to get rid of squirrels in an attic. Although the old fashion way involves getting rid of squirrels using killing these intruders, this method should never be used in modern times under any circumstances.

Killing squirrels, or any form of wildlife actually, is against the law. Having any species of wild animals suffer at the hands of human activity is also illegal. This is why you should always prompt for a humane way to get a squirrel out of an attic without killing them in the process. This can be achieved in a vast amount of ways.

One popular and sure way to do this would be to hire a humane and certified wildlife removal specialist. Our wildlife removal specialists are highly trained in removing undesired wildlife from one’s home. There are many pest control services to choose from but research should always be done to ensure that the chosen company will do the job efficiently and humanely. You can ensure a company for wildlife removal is humane through the methods they use. Such methods include traps that do not cause bodily harm or death to any form of wildlife. An example of these humane traps includes squirrel exclusion doors there is a great article that explains how one-way door works. You can always call us for humane wildlife removal in Toronto and the GTA at 647-496-0815.

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