one way door for squirrel exclusion

Question: “What is a One-way Door for Squirrels?”


This one-way door is a simple trap that can be used to remove unwanted forms of wildlife from your home. One common form of wildlife that the one-way door works perfectly for is the common animal called the squirrel. A one-way door works well for squirrel removal Toronto as squirrels are just the right size when compared to the size of a one-way door. The working mechanisms of a one-way door are as follows. First, a squirrel will enter through the first door of a one-way door trap.

Upon the squirrel’s entrance into a one-way door, a series of metal panels will close. As these metal panels close, the primary entrance of the one-way door will also close, therefor blocking the squirrel from exiting the way that it initially used to come into the one-way door trap. However, at this point, the currently situated squirrel is not fully trapped within the one-way door. This is because a one-way door trap has a second door. This second door is located at the opposite end of the structure. The one-way door trap’s second door is built to allow the squirrel to exit safely but away from where it originally came.

This overall goal and usage of the one-way door for squirrels makes it one of the most effective methods of removing squirrels from the attic or anywhere with a person’s house. As the squirrel comes to know of the predictable outcome after using the one-way door, which is that they will no longer be able to access the inside of their nest within an attic as they will be blocked off after initially entering the one-way door, they will become discouraged. This discouragement will prompt the squirrel to leave their current attic to build a new nest elsewhere. Thus, a squirrel invasion of an attic will cease to exist

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