Squirrel damage and how to control it

Squirrel damage and how to control it

Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage to your property and to your home if they are left to do what they want. It’s important that if you think you have an issue that you should act quickly and call a professional while also taking your own actions to prevent the squirrels from coming back.

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Professional technicians from Squirrel Control can come to your home and prepare your property for squirrel prevention. They can seal up areas of your home that can be broken into by animals using steel mesh and other devices to protect everything from soffits to vents. They can also attach a one-way door to the animal’s main entrance. It is a humane and safe way to get rid of a squirrel without harming it or tricking it. The squirrel simply leaves the attic to find food and when it returns it finds it cannot get back in. This is a great way to get wildlife out of your attic and home. 

The tech can also sterilize and deodorize your attic after the removal and even replace your insulation if it has been destroyed by the infestation. 

Now on your end, it’s important to get rid of any food in your yard, pet food and leftovers need to be gone right after they are eaten. Pet food also tends to fall out of animal mouths and this can cause squirrels to come to your property. Garbage must be sealed away as well in the garage in a locked and tight container. Don’t take any chances, these buggers are dangerous and disease-ridden and they are not afraid to go into your home and nest. 

So if you need squirrel removal, call us now at Squirrel control.

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