What attracts squirrels to your property

What attracts squirrels to your property?

Squirrels are attracted by a lot of different things. They are drawn to sources of water, sources of food and sources of warmth and safety. For this reason squirrels are drawn to human homes and properties because they tend to be replete with the things the animal needs. Squirrels are very attracted to garbage. They will often tip over the container and rip into the contents, making a massive mess and spreading rotting food all over your property. They are also attracted to leftovers left outside after a meal in the back yard. They will happily eat pet food as well if you happen to feed your pet outside. And make sure to turn the hose off because that will attract every animal for miles.

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To prevent all of this, to stop them from getting into your home in the first place you will have to make some changes to your home. You will need to clean up your property completely. Get rid of any garbage, debris and woodpiles, this will help with more than just squirrels. Don’t give them a place to call home. You can invest in tree collars made of aluminum that will prevent them from climbing your trees and have the branches trimmed to stop them from hopping tree to tree. You can also make sure to seal your garbage in a locked container and store it in the garage assuming the door meets the ground tightly. Otherwise you may end up with squirrels in your garage, mating and nesting. 

You can also make sure to cover all your gardens, vegetable and flower because they eat both. Cover your fruit trees as well and make sure not to put out bird feeders because those are a huge draw for squirrels.

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