Squirrel Mating Season

Squirrel Mating Season

When it comes to Ontario’s squirrel the Eastern-Grey Squirrel is the dominant species. These squirrels mate two times a year – in the fall and the spring. During these times you can see the males chasing the females to mate. People unfamiliar with these habits might be perceived as play-fighting; something younger squirrels indeed does during their younger years. Once the male squirrel is done mating with the female squirrel, he may not even stick around and after mating will go his own way. The average gestation period for the mother squirrel is around 1 month and a half.

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The Grey squirrel will give birth to squirrel babies twice a year around mid-summer and early spring. Squirrel babies are born between March-April and the second time around during July-August. During these times homeowners who have seen squirrels around need to be on high alert and need to be able to recognize the sound of squirrel activity. This is because female mother squirrels will break into the attic and start building a nest while at the same time degrading the insulation.

Squirrels in the winter
                    Break-ins in the wintertime are more common as squirrels will seek warm places for their young

Having a squirrel is already bad, but having a squirrel mother along with her young makes the situation way worse than what it would have been if the squirrel broke in alone. Squirrel babies can easily leave behind feces and urine all over the place speeding up the process to deteriorating insulation. Squirrel babies can be highly destructive after they grow up. In the first 8 weeks, they are virtually defenseless, but after these 8 weeks where they slowly become independent, they can do a lot of damage. Squirrels are known to be avid gnawers and biters.

They might gnaw on exposed wires and cabling that is present in the attic. This might even lead to a dead squirrel and might cause a very pungent rotten smell to spread to other parts of the house. The other scenario is much more grave. Depending on the circumstances, it might even lead to a full-blown house fire. This is not uncommon as many mysterious house fires have been linked to rodents gnawing down on wires and cables.

As for the entire state of the attic, it has now become a cesspool full of bacteria that can lead to multiple medical conditions. To get the squirrels out of the attic, you need to hire professional squirrel removal technicians who are specialized in removing squirrels from inside your property safely and ethically using government-approved methodologies. The technicians from Squirrel Control can help. We have technicians that are certified, trained, and licensed to get the squirrels out in any situation under any circumstance. All you need to do is book your appointment and we’ll be on our way!

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