skunk poop vs raccoon poop

skunk poop vs raccoon poop

Skunk poop and raccoon poop are unfortunately one of the most common types of poop you can see around your property. The most distinguishing feature about both…types of poop is the size. A lot of people confuse skunk poop and raccoon poop with dog poop since it is quite big compared with other feces people are used to seeing such as squirrel poop.

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Raccoon poop is approximately the same size as raccoon poop, but what distinguishes it from raccoon poop is that skunk poop is lighter in color. Raccoon poop is usually darker and has blunter edges than skunk poop. Raccoon poop may have some bits and pieces of berries, seeds, and other undigested foods.
Skunk poop and raccoon poop are both problematic because it indicates one thing, that the property has been visited and may still be inhabited by raccoons and skunks.

Skunks and raccoons both use latrines, which can lead to a lot of accumulated feces on one spot. This leads to, unbearable smells especially in the summer when the hot weather kicks in. The urine mixed with feces does not make the situation any better. Indirect exposure to feces and urine can lead to multiple health complications, thus feces and urine need to be professionally removed as well as the latrine broken down.

Skunks and latrines are very problematic animals. Skunks are a menace to everyone with green fingers. Skunks have really strong olfactory glands which allow them to easily dig up grubs. Grubs are situated right at the root of the grass. Once skunks find grubs, they will seek them out by digging. This will ruin the garden bit by bit as the skunk looks for more grub around the garden. They use man-made structures and dig burrows at the foundation so they can enter it.

Raccoons are a familiar menace around the property as they like causing mayhem while looking for food. Cities have food in abundance, and they take full advantage of this by ripping open garbage bags, dumpster diving, and opening up garbage bins. Raccoons are also quite erratic as their behavior causes many people to fall in love with their stunts. Raccoons are true urban explorers by pushing the limits of the urban landscape and by testing the limits of people’s patience at the same time.

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