Difference Between Red and Grey Squirrel

The Difference Between Red and Grey Squirrels

There are 22 different squirrel species in Canada, each with their own characteristics and behaviours. Four live in trees, six live underground, and two are flying. Of the four that live in trees, two are quite common in Ontario neighbourhoods: the American squirrel and the eastern grey squirrel. Both of these squirrels are troublemakers that can do serious damage to the attic. If you suspect that there are squirrels living on your property, give us a call. Squirrel Control provides humane solutions to all squirrel problems.

The most obvious difference between the red squirrel and the grey squirrel is size. While the grey squirrel weighs roughly 500g, the red squirrel only weighs 200g. The eastern grey is twice the size of the red squirrel, as its body length reaches up to 30cm while the red squirrel’s reaches 20cm. Another telling difference is colour: the eastern grey is grey, or fully black, while the red squirrel is rusty red with a white belly. The red squirrel’s tail is also shorter in proportion and less bushy. Finally, red squirrels are typically more aggressive than their grey counterparts.

What these squirrels have in common are their diet and their nesting habits. Both nest in trees, weaving leaves, twigs, and branches together and making use of hollows. They nest to raise their pups and sleep somewhere warm at night. Though red squirrels prefer coniferous forests, they have been known to nest in attics, like eastern greys. Both are omnivores that eat nuts, seeds, buds, bark, fruits, fungi, and the occasional insect. They bury thousands of nuts in the fall to help make it through the winter. Both species are active year-round and reproduce twice a year.

How to Get Squirrels Out of the Attic

Whether a red or grey squirrel got in the attic, it’s important that you have it removed as soon as possible. No matter how small they may be, these critters can do a ton of damage. Contact your nearest wildlife removal company and book an inspection. A technician will find where the squirrels got inside the attic, then evict them humanely by using a one-way door. Like an open-ended trap, the one-way door swings outward, letting the squirrel out, then it shuts, so the squirrel cannot return. To help ensure that it won’t break back in again, the technician can also seal, repair, and cover any other vulnerabilities found during the inspection.

Both the eastern grey and the American red squirrel are crafty little animals that will happily invade your attic for shelter. Invasions are common in the spring and fall. Protect your roof by fixing any gaps you find along its edge and covering your roof vents with mesh. Contact the professionals at Squirrel Control and a technician can squirrel-proof the roof or you. We provide comprehensive squirrel removal and wildlife-proofing services across the GTA. We are so sure of our exclusion services that they come with a 2-year warranty. Call us today for an inspection and service that works for you.

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