Case Study: Squirrel break-in gable in Mississauga

Exterior Inspection

After a call about a possible squirrel break-in in Mississauga was received, a squirrel removal technician was sent on the way to conduct an exterior inspection. Once the technician was on-site, the technician started his inspection by carefully searching around the perimeter of the building. The technician hopes to find entry points, breaches, and weak areas around the perimeter as well. After these breaches are detected, the homeowner will be notified by giving the owner or contact person a comprehensive list of all the areas. The technician hands over the list for the homeowner to review so that they can reinforce or seal the area per recommendations.

A breach was found underneath the soffit area

Two breaches were eventually found at the front door above the gable. It was clear that there was an entry point used by the squirrel. A soffit was seen to be pushed in at the roof and the soffit intersection and another one on the other side of the gable. Squirrels take advantage of this weak point by using force which gives them direct access to the interior of the attic. When the squirrel gets inside, the squirrel can cause a lot of damage to the attic. Insulation can be heavily damaged to the point that insulation needs to be re-installed. In order to get the squirrel out, squirrel removal technicians need to resort to a clever device.

Initial Measures Taken

To get the squirrel out, the technician opted for a device being installed called the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption that forces the squirrel to exit the building but prevents the squirrel from entering. Once the squirrel passes the one-way door inside the contraption, the squirrel will be locked out and will be forced to relocate elsewhere away from the property.

A One-Way Door was mounted on top off the entry point

Once the squirrel moved away, the technician readies the area for sealing. The homeowner opted for a matching cream-colored flashing to protect and reinforce the area.

Apart from the flashing, vents were covered with appropriately named vent covers. The vent covers make sure that wildlife animals and rodents cannot enter these vents as they are made from a durable material called galvanized steel mesh. Several were installed around the perimeter of the residential property.

                 Matching flashing was used to seal the entry point


When the entry points were sealed and the vents were covered, the homeowners reported no activity anymore after the technician’s last visit to the residential property. Squirrels can be highly destructive, and homeowners should be on alert when they notice squirrel activity in their neighborhood. When you have a gable roof, chances are that the squirrels will be looking to exploit the area around the soffit intersection where the roof and the soffit meet.

Galvanized steel mesh was used to keep squirrels out

The chances of squirrels breaking in during the colder periods will increase since squirrels will look for a warm place away from predators and elements. As earlier mentioned before, squirrels will cause a lot of damage to insulation, but it extends beyond that. Wiring can be damaged. Flooring can be ruined. Moreover, diseases and bacteria turn the attic into a cesspool. property. Technicians are certified, trained, and licensed to handle any squirrel break-in under any circumstance. Talk to our customer service specialists to book your next appointment and to receive



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