What Size Hole Can Red Squirrel Fit Through

What Size Hole Can a Red Squirrel Fit Through?

Red squirrels are cute little animals, but they can cause a whole lot of damage. These little rodents are known to invade attics, chewing holes in roofs and exposing the interior space to rain and snow. They also damage the insulation with their urine and chew on electrical wires, risking fire and power outages. If you’re worried that a red squirrel has gotten into the attic, give us a call and a technician will inspect the situation. We provide humane and effective squirrel removal in the Toronto area.

Red squirrels are common in coniferous forests across Canada. They measure about 20cm long, with bushy tails that reach 10cm. As their names would suggest, red squirrels are distinctly reddish brown or rusty in colour, with lighter fur surrounding their eyes. Red squirrels, like other species, are omnivores. They feed mostly on seeds, nuts, bark, buds, fungi, berries, and insects – things they can find in the forest. Red squirrels nest in tree hollows and canopies, but they have been known to nest in attics. Females especially break into homes in the spring, when they need a place to raise their young.

Squirrels in the attic will often make a lot of noise during the day. Listen for scratching, squealing, and thumping sounds coming from the attic. Red squirrels are noisiest during the early hours of the morning and at dusk. If you can take a look, look for an opening on the edge of the roof. Red squirrels can fit through gaps that are 4cm wide, or about the width of a golf ball. Look for teeth marks and wood chips. Squirrels may also chew their way through roof vents. As rodents, these squirrels have very strong teeth that can chew through practically anything.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels must be removed humanely. If you suspect that there are squirrels living on your property, contact a local wildlife removal company for help. A technician will perform an inspection, find the squirrel’s nest, then attach a one-way door to the entrance when it is safe to do so. The one-way door is like an open-ended trap. When the squirrels want to go out, they simply push their way through the door, then they cannot get back inside. To better ensure that they won’t come back, the technician can seal and strengthen every weakness on the roof that was found during the inspection.

Red squirrels are skittish, aggressive little rodents, but they may nest in the attic if there is an opening. Squirrels are attracted to the warmth of our homes and their proximity to food and water. If you want to keep them out, be sure to maintain the roof and clean the gutters every year. Rake the leaves and maintain the yard so there is less food available. For removal and exclusion, call Squirrel Control. We provide safe and effective solutions to all squirrel problems. We remove squirrels humanely and keep them out with our guaranteed exclusion services.

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