What Happens If a Squirrel Gets In your House

What Happens If a Squirrel Gets In your House?

If a squirrel gets in your house expect to pay up a lot of money because squirrels might be cute animals, but they are also one of the most destructive ones out there. Before a squirrel even enters the house it already starts to destroy your shingles going up to the attic.

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The squirrels get in through the use of force by either tearing the soffit open or pushing through the soffit. The squirrel will make its stay comfortable by going in and out its new nest by bringing in new material. When nature calls, the squirrel will do its duty right there in the attic. Feces and urine are a very big issue since the attic is a very isolated and poor-ventilated area usually.

Squirrel in House
                                 Squirrel babies can do a lot of damage when they are more self-sufficient

Bacteria are teeming in the attic and the spread of disease through indirect exposure is a real possibility. Urine and feces are destructive for the attic as contact on insulation material is very corrosive. The insulation material can be so degraded to the point that the insulation material needs to be re-installed. Urine can even reach the flooring, when blown in insulation is installed. Since most attic flooring in porous, the urine will seep into the wood. This will require deep cleaning and decontamination that homeowners will need to seriously consider.

Squirrels are not only damaging to the flooring and the insulation. But are also damaging to the overall structural integrity of the entire attic. They have sharp incisors that can easily cut through some metals as well as wood. Squirrels have the habit of gnawing on everything they deem suitable to keep their teeth in check.

Squirrels are a fire hazard as well. They have the habit of chewing on exposed wiring and cabling, and this might even cause a fuse and electrocute the squirrel. While the body is decomposing, the stench will spread to the other rooms as well. This is not the worst that can happen. There have been numerous cases where rodents gnawed wiring and lead to a house fire. Squirrels are more destructive than you think and caution and swift action is needed to avoid all these issues together.

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