Squirrel Entry Point Roof Edge

Case Study: Mouse, Rat, and Squirrel Removal from Century Home in Toronto

The following article details both a rat and squirrel removal job in Toronto, Ontario. This newly renovated, single-family home in Old Toronto had problems with mice, rats, and squirrels. Members of the Squirrel Control team got rid of the pests by performing a full exclusion of the home’s exterior and using rodenticides against the mice and rats. The squirrel was removed humanely with a one-way door. If you have been having rodent trouble, give us a call and a technician will provide you with a lasting solution.

Initial Rodent Control

The homeowner in this case first reached out to us when she was faced with an infestation of mice, then rats. Squirrel Control is a sister company of The Exterminators and other pest control services, so we were happy to help. Century homes in Old Toronto, like this one, are prone to having rodent issues. Mice are small enough to crawl in undetected, and rats burrow underground. Aging roofs in this part of the city may also have gaps in their sides, which let squirrels into the attic.

A technician first came to the scene in the spring of 2016 to get rid of mice in the house. Mice could be heard scratching and squealing in the ceiling above the kitchen. To remove them, the technician placed a few bait stations throughout the house. These consists of little plastic boxes of rodenticide. Mice crawl in, feed on the rodenticide, then feel sick and perish in their nests.

Along with the treatment for mice, the technician pest-proofed some entry points on the exterior of the home. Though skeptical at first, the homeowner agreed that the home required a permanent solution. This was a century home with many cracks and gaps in its sides. A crack in the foundation was sealed with caulking, while the dryer vents were covered with an impenetrable mesh. Soon, the mice were no longer a problem.

Dryer Vents Rodent Entry Point
Mice can climb up the walls and crawl through vents like these. They can chew through plastic and make their way into the walls of the home.
Foundation Cracks Entry Point
Cracks in the foundation are common in older homes. Mice and insects use these to slither into the basement.

A few years later, the homeowner called us again to treat the yard for rats. She spotted a rat in the yard and worried it would make its way indoors. Rats are unfortunately quite common in Toronto, even in upscale neighbourhoods. A technician quickly came to reinspect the yard and place a few bait stations around. These are much like the stations for mice, but much larger.

Dryer Vents Covered
We use a quarter inch mesh that is too thick and strong for rodents to chew through. Capping vents is an excellent way to avoid a rodent problem.

Within a few weeks, the technician returned to check on the bait stations. Since the blocks of rodenticide were missing, there was clearly an infestation happening outside. The technician refilled them promptly and continued to service them to keep the rat population down. With no entry point into the home, all there was to do was suppress the population so that they wouldn’t damage the yard.

Rat Exterior Bait station
Rodenticide can be used to monitor rat populations. The block on the left is new, while the block on the right has been out for a few weeks. The missing rodenticide shows signs of rodent activity.

Squirrel Removal

In March of 2020, a squirrel broke into the attic. This is common in springtime because female squirrels need a place to have their babies. The homeowner could hear scratching noises coming from the attic and she was concerned that an animal was living in there. A technician came later that week to investigate.

Given the covid-19 pandemic, the technician only examined the home’s exterior. Using a ladder and safety gear, he found a hole in the side of the roof. Given the sawdust and gnaw marks surrounding the hole, it was clear that a squirrel had chewed its way through. To evict the animal, the technician installed a one-way door to the entrance. This would let the squirrel leave on its own, but it would be unable to come back. The one-way door only swings outward.

Squirrel Entry Point Roof Edge
Squirrel holes are usually about 2 or 3 inches wide and surrounded by teeth marks. The squirrel in this case chewed its way through a gap in the drip edge.
Squirrel One-Way Door in Roof
The one-way door lets squirrels out safely and humanely. This is an extremely effective way to get squirrels out of the attic.

Within a few days, the scratching noises stopped, and the technician returned to replace the door with mesh. Squirrel removal is fairly straightforward with the help of a professional. We can find where the animals are coming from and get them out with the right tools.


This case study demonstrates the value of professional wildlife removal. Our technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of animals. We have the experience and the know-how to get rid of mice, rats, squirrels, and more. Our pest-proofing services are extremely helpful at keeping pests out for good, and they come with a 2-year warranty. Call us if there are rodents on your property and we’d be happy to help.

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