What are the different squirrel species that roam the GTA

What are the different squirrel species that roam the GTA?

The two most common squirrels in Ontario are the grey squirrel, the black squirrel and the red squirrel, respectively. If you have any of these squirrels on your property or in your attic you should call a professional exterminator right away. While squirrels seem innocent they are rodents with teeth that keep growing throughout their lives and they must chew constantly to get them filed down. This means a squirrel will not stop chewing until it gets into your attic. The most common reason for squirrels to enter your attic is because they are females in heat. Females ready to give birth are terrified for their young because they are born blind, deaf and immobile for the first three weeks of their life. This makes them an easy snack for any animals in the wild, even mice. So they need to find a place where the babies will be safe and that is almost always in your attic. The female will enter the attic and invite a male in, then she will mate with the male and chase them out of the attic aggressively, often biting and scratching the male. 

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They will then remain in the attic for about two months, through pregnancy and into birth and raising her babies into children who can function on their own. At this point, the female may leave the attic on their own in search of an outdoor nest but she will be back shortly for the second heat of the year. While all squirrels perform acts like this, the other squirrels, especially the red squirrels are extremely different from the grey squirrel and cannot mate with them. The grey squirrel is familial and often found in groups while the red squirrel is a stark loner and very aggressive and territorial. 

The Black squirrel has a higher level of testosterone in the males, this makes them more common than grey’s as they can breed faster and more frequently and with more severity. The grey squirrel has no issues breeding at a fast rate but not as quick as the black squirrels that swarm Toronto. The red squirrels are very different from both. While the black and grey squirrels interact and mate with each other, the grey squirrel genes are far more dominant so two grey squirrels rarely have a black baby but black squirrels often have grey babies. Grey squirrels are the only ones known to cannibalize their species when food becomes scarce. If you want to get rid of squirrels humanely and quickly, do not hesitate to contact Squirrel Control 

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