What Kind of Property Damage to Expect from a Squirrel Invasion and How to Inspect Your Property

What Kind of Property Damage to Expect from a Squirrel Invasion and How to Inspect Your Property?

Squirrels are very destructive pests that will do a number on the structural integrity of your roof. These animals will chew their way through practically anything just for a chance to nest in your home. Squirrels are determined to find a safe place to nest during mating season. Don’t let it be your house! If you suspect a squirrel invasion in your home, call Squirrel Control Toronto for help.

Squirrels exist all over the world. The two most prevalent species in North America are the grey squirrel and the red squirrel. As their names would suggest, the grey squirrel is grey, and the red squirrel is red. The grey squirrel, however, also comes in black. These squirrels naturally live in forests, feeding on tree buds, nuts, seeds, fruit, and fungi. In the city, squirrels continue to eat these foods along with bird seed, bread, and whatever food waste we throw out. Squirrels commonly invade people’s homes in search of a warm place to nest and raise their young.

Typical signs of property damage include teeth marks, chewed electrical wires, wood chips, and feces in and around the squirrel nesting site. Squirrels commonly nest within the insulation of the attic, so you can also expect torn, crushed, and piled insulation that is contaminated with feces. This damage to the insulation risks increasing your energy bills as more warm air will escape the roof. As squirrels defecate and urinate inside their nests, some water damage may also appear on the ceiling below the nest. Chewing on electrical wires may also result in power failures and fire. Outside, squirrels will damage the shingles of the roof and may chew through the vents. They will also tear up your vegetable garden and may even damage your bird feeders.

To inspect your property for damage, listen carefully for squealing and scratching sounds coming from the walls or attic of the home. This will help point you toward the nesting site. Then, search the attic, if you can, for the damage listed above. Search the roof as well and look along the drip edge for any openings the squirrels could be using to get inside. Check the roof vents for signs of gnawing or tearing. If you’ve found evidence of squirrel damage, contact a local pest removal company for help in the removal process. They will humanely evacuate your home of any rodents.

The professionals at Squirrel Control would be happy to help you with any squirrel problem. We perform through inspections in which we check every nook and cranny for damage and potential points of entry. We will safely rid your home of squirrels and prevent them from coming back with our guaranteed squirrel-proofing services. Call Squirrel Control today for quality squirrel removal: 647-496-0815.

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