What makes squirrels so hard to track for DIY

What makes squirrels so hard to track for DIY

Squirrels are not like raccoons, slow and lumbering and so big you can’t miss them. Squirrels are a member of the rodent family and that shows in their ability to leap from tree branch to tree branch and collect nuts and seeds and other things to eat. Most people find this activity adorable and think nothing of it. They do not know that squirrels, like all rodents, are omnivores. They are also willing to feed on insects and small animals. Their favourite food is eggs and baby birds which they eat whole. This is how aggressive and dangerous a squirrel can be. During mating season the female squirrel enters heat and becomes highly aggressive. She will attack anything that comes near her and search for a nest that will often end up being your attic. She will find a male and bring him into the nest to mate, she will then chase him out violently by biting and scratching him and then block off the entrance so only she can enter the attic unless a raccoon decides to come in. 

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While raccoons are easy to spot and simple enough to remove the squirrel is far smaller and much more intelligent and willy. They are capable of making new entranceways on the fly while the raccoon is very large and needs to spend quite some time making a hole in the roof before they can enter, this can often take days and most people will notice and deal with it quickly. However, squirrels are very small and thin, like rodents they can squeeze through tight holes. The squirrel can make an entry point for itself in minutes. They can chew through the shingles and plastic vapour barrier in the fascia vents and enter directly into the attic, they can rip through vents, soffits and anything else that has not been sealed off on your home. Trying to find where they enter is often very difficult and nearly impossible for the average laymen to accomplish. If you have squirrels on your property there is a strong chance one or more of them will try to enter your attic or other areas of your home. 

Trying to get them out of yourself is not something you should even try. You will need to get on a ladder and likely have to get up on the roof and that is extremely dangerous. Professional roofers spend months learning how to walk and work on a roof, and unless you are a roofer you should not be going up there even to look, the ladder could fall and that would be it. Don’t let the squirrel win, call Squirrel Control for all your squirrel removal needs. 

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