What to do after a squirrel bites you

What to do after a squirrel bites you?

Squirrels have always been seen as the cutest of all the wildlife. They are so adorable as they prance around looking for nuts. But they are not adorable and trying to pet them or feed them can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening.

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Now the squirrel’s bit is nothing like the raccoons. The raccoon’s bite can give you sepsis and rabies, a squirrel bite is highly unlikely to give you rabies but can transfer other possible illnesses like Giardia through their saliva. For this reason, it is incredibly important to make sure to clean the area for 5 minutes under a strong tap and to smear it with antibacterial ointment and then go to the hospital if the bite looks like it could be swelling. There are all kinds of things you can catch like a squirrel scratch is similar to a cat scratch and can cause septic like infection colloquially called Cat Scratch Fever in which the location of the scratch enflames to four times its size and if the blood is not drained and antibiotics prescribed and administered within 24 hours the scratch will be fatal. Now there is no telling if a rodent can cause such an illness but the fact its called cat scratch fever has nothing to do with its animal origins. It is from animal nails that have been in feces and it is fatal in 24 hours. 


Squirrels are a very frustrating infestation because there are so many more of them and they are each, individually, a threat. Unlike mice and rats who enter in groups and can be killed off in groups, the squirrel is protected wildlife and cannot be killed. They must be humanely removed from the attic or humanely trapped on the property. But if you have squirrels on your property you will want to act fast. The males are rarely a threat to your attic, though they are the more aggressive variety and are more likely to attack you or your children or pets if they feel attacked. The female is the one to worry about most, they will enter your attic twice a year to give birth to her children. She will enter in through almost any entranceway from drip edges to soffits and roof vents. They will enter the attic, make a nest, then invite a male into the nest to mate. Upon completion of the mating the female chases the male out of the attic violently, scratching and biting at him. She will then collect food and stock up so that she can stay inside while pregnant and give birth in safety, this will last about 3 weeks and then another 3 weeks for the babies to become mobile and sighted. Getting the squirrel out at this time is nearly impossible and by the end of the process your attic will be trashed, and it will cost thousands to fix. To get your squirrels out of your attic quickly and avoid thousands of dollars in repair costs, contact Squirrel Control!

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