Why Do Squirrels Chase Each Other

Why Do Squirrels Chase Each Other?

You might see squirrels chasing each other and might think “aww that’s cute”. It’s not. They are establishing their dominance. When adult squirrels chase each other, it is a sign to establish territory. Some squirrels nip the other squirrels that are feeding in their territories.

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When squirrels want to mate, they chase the females in a more slow-paced manner. They will evaluate whether they are suitable based on their scent. Another form of chasing can be compared to other animals in the wild. Play fighting is usually done by very young squirrels. The infamous Eastern Grey Squirrel is not territorial but will chase away any other squirrel that will enter its space.

Squirrels can be very problematic wildlife animals and some species like the Eastern Grey Squirrel are classified as invasive species because they often break in made-made structures such as sheds and attics. The latter is the most problematic since squirrels directly go inside the interior of the actual residential property. When squirrels find themselves inside the residential property, they can do a lot of damage and can even compromise the structural integrity of the space easily.

Squirrels are rodents, and rodents gnaw and chew on everything. They can chew on the wood, but most concerning of all is that they chew on exposed wiring and cabling made from copper which is a great material to keep their incisors in check. The dangerous side of having copper wiring is that it can cause a fuse which even might lead to a dead squirrel in your attic space. The stench will then spread eventually to the rest of the residential space.

In rare cases, it might even lead to a fully-fledged house fire. Having squirrels is not only a hazard to personal safety, but is also a hazard to your health and to the others that are inside of the property.
Feces and urine are the biggest catalysts to contracting a virus.

The attic becomes a true cesspool with feces and urine scattered everywhere. The urine and feces are so damaging to the attic that full-scale decontamination is needed after the squirrels are taken out by professional wildlife removal technicians. It can degrade the insulation material to such a state that it renders it completely ineffective. The insulation will need to be replaced by insulation removal technicians that will blow new life in the attic by using blown-in insulation.

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