Squirrel break-in Mississauga in residential property

Squirrel break-in Mississauga in residential property

A resident of a Mississauga property has been complaining about a possible squirrel break-in on the upper floors of the property. A technician was dispatched to the site for further inspection and a squirrel exclusion. Squirrel break-ins are a common phenomenon during the colder months as squirrels are in search of safety, warmth, and protection from predators as well as the elements. When the technician arrived on-site, he immediately started to conduct an exterior inspection. The interior inspection is one of the most crucial stages in the exclusion process as it gives the technician the full scope of the infestation as well as what is expected from him later on. The exterior inspection is done very meticulously as it also sheds light on vulnerabilities around the perimeter which can lead to another infestation.

Exterior Inspection

The technician stumbled on very worrying signs of deterioration beneath the soffit on the second floor of the property along with other signs of rotten wood along the gable. The technician interestingly described the state of the roof as “butter’ to give an idea of how soft it was. To resolve the gap below the soffit and the gable, the technician decided to resort to a very effective method. It was determined that a squirrel inhabited the attic area based on signs and experience.

Squirrel Entry point
                                                The entry point from the squirrel was quite obvious as it was fairly big

Initial Measures Taken

The technician decided to install a time-tested and reliable contraption known as the One-Way Door. The One-Way ensures that the squirrel passes the tunnel-like contraption and locks them out. Once the squirrel notices that it cannot get back into the property, the squirrel vacates the area permanently. The One-Way Day was mounted directly on the entry point, an exit and entry point that the squirrel used to come in and out of the building.

Squirrel OWD
                                       After the squirrel entry point was identified, the One-Way Door was installed

Apart from installing the One-Way Door, the technician noted that there were attempted entry points found under the gable at the fascia. To make sure this vulnerability wouldn’t be exploited anymore by other squirrels or other wildlife that roam the area, the technician sealed the two entry points with galvanized steel mesh.

The area was also deodorized and disinfected using a fogger. This ensures that all the bacteria can be killed in whatever space the bacteria reside.

Galvanized steel mesh is secured by bolts and washers to keep the galvanized steel mesh in its place.

Next, the roof vents were covered with a strong durable plastic material where squirrels are unable to get through. A total of four roof vent covers were installed.

The technician returned a few days later and made sure that no squirrel was in the building anymore. The technician thereafter removed the One-Way Door that was mounted on the entry point. After the One-Way Door was removed, the technician proceeded to seal the entry point with a galvanized steel mesh. Galvanized steel mesh is a very durable and flexible material which makes it perfect to apply on the exterior of buildings. The material is resistant to all kinds of attacks including biting, gnawing, tearing, and squeezing through.

Sealing of squirrel entry points
                                  All the squirrel entry points were sealed after it was verified that the squirrel left


The homeowner reported no further noises or any squirrel activity in the attic space. Squirrel break-ins are very common in the colder periods of the months where they can start preparing to give birth to squirrel babies. The best way to prevent such incidents from happening is to pay close attention to noises in the early hours of the day. Squirrels are not active at night but are active around 2 am to 5 am and continue from thereon. To make sure your property is safe at all times, consider hiring the squirrel removal specialists from Squirrel Control! Call our customer service specialists to make an appointment and to receive a free consultation!

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