Are Squirrels Nocturnal

Are Squirrels Nocturnal?

Most Canadian squirrels are diurnal animals, which means they are mostly active during the day. Like us, they prefer to go about their days in the light and retreat into their homes when it gets dark. The northern flying squirrel is an exception to this rule, but this is a rarer species that is uncommon in human habitats. This squirrel is also unlikely to invade your home. If there are squirrels giving you trouble, you are likely to hear them scampering around during the day. Call Squirrel Control Toronto for safe and reliable squirrel removal and proofing services.

Squirrels are not like other rodents, such as mice and rats. Squirrels are up during the day and prefer to eat plant-based foods like seeds, buds, and fruit. They also nest high above ground while most other rodents like to burrow in the earth. Squirrels are highly agile, arboreal creatures that have no trouble jumping and climbing from tree to tree. In the early spring and summer, females have litters of 2 to 5 babies each, and raise them on their own. In the fall, both males and females can be seen preparing for winter, building nests and hiding food in anticipation of the cold.

If there are squirrels in your home, you may have noticed an increased amount of squirrel activity on the roof. Because invasive squirrels are diurnal, you may be able to hear them squeal, scratch, and scamper around in the attic during the day. Squirrels can cause a significant amount of damage, so the insulation in your attic may also be torn and stained with fecal matter. The animals might have also chewed shingles, vents, electrical wiring, and other structures. An infestation of squirrels can smell bad, too. The feces and urine that squirrels leave in their nests will produce a foul odour with time.

The best thing you can do when facing a squirrel infestation is to call a professional pest removal company. Squirrel invasions usually happen when a mother squirrel needs a place to raise her young, which can be tricky to handle. She will become aggressive if you get too close and separating her from her babies could result in further damage to your property. A professional can identify what is going on and provide you with a solution that will get the animals out without causing anyone harm. Once the animals have been removed, he or she can block their entrance for you and pest-proof the home so this does not happen again.

The technicians at Squirrel Control are highly experienced in squirrel removal and exclusion. We perform thorough inspections to find exactly how the animals are getting inside and implement customized solutions. We can safely remove the squirrels that are giving you trouble and seal all potential entry points so they won’t come back. Squirrel Control also offers disinfection and deodorization services that remove all harmful pathogens and odours the pests left behind. Call us now for guaranteed squirrel removal and proofing: 647-496-0815.

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