Case Study Squirrel Chews Through Roof Edge to Nest in Attic

Case Study: Squirrel Chews Through Roof Edge to Nest in Attic

The following case study details a squirrel removal job in Old Toronto. For squirrel removal and proofing services in the GTA, contact Squirrel Control. We provide safe and effective solutions to all squirrel problems.

Exterior Inspection

The technician was dispatched to a residential home in Old Toronto. The customer complained about squirrel noises being heard in the morning. The technician on site immediately went on and conducted an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection is needed to rule out multiple entry points and to make sure that the building has no vulnerable areas around the house. These areas can include holes, gaps, and crevices, and or material that can be easily bitten through. Squirrels have incredibly sharp incisor teeth that can cut through soft metals or plastic. Most vents that are installed on the roof are at most risk as well as drainage pipes that are often seen on the side of homes as well.

To make sure that the building is protected against unforeseen circumstances the technician carefully inspects the perimeter of the roof, as well as the base of the building to make sure that there aren’t any exposed areas that wildlife can take advantage of. After the exterior inspection, the technician compiles a list of problematic areas that need reinforcement. This ensures transparency and clear communication. The exterior inspection revealed that there was a hole on the backside of the roof right on the corner. The technician decided to take the following action.

squirrel chew marks surrounding roof vent
The chew marks surrounding the opening were a clear indicator that squirrels were nesting inside.

Initial Measures Taken

The technician went on to recommend covering 2 wall vents, 3 roof vents, and a plumbing vent. These are very vulnerable because of the material they are made of. To protect these, specially designed covers are made and used using galvanized steel mesh. This material is as durable as it is strong and is a great investment.

squirrel one way door installaton in old toronto
The one-way doors lets squirrels leave of their own accord. Once out, they cannot get back inside. Squirrels usually have other nests around, they move into another one.

The technician mounted a One-Way Door. The One-Way-Door is a clever contraption that allows the animal to exit the property but prevents the animal from re-entering. It is because the door, just as the name implies, is for one direction only, and that is out. When the animal realizes this the animal has no way to get back in and vacates the area for good. After a week to 10 days, the technician will return. That is exactly what happened in this case as well. The technician mounted the One-Way Door on the main entry point. When the squirrel needs to venture outside, the squirrel has no other choice than to pass through the tunnel-like contraption. This will happen fairly easily because the squirrel has no suspicions about the door. The squirrel leaves for food and water, and couldn’t get back in.

A week later the technician comes back for a second visit and removes the One-Way Door. After the door was removed, the technician inspected the space thoroughly for any squirrel presence. It could’ve happened that the squirrel had babies. In that case, the technician carefully has to reach deep inside the space manually. This is because squirrel babies are usually tucked in deeply usually surrounded by insolation. The baby squirrels are carefully taken out by hand and put in a box for the mother squirrel to fetch later on. The box is put in a secure but visible location. If people do find baby squirrels it is advised not to take them in unless it is sure that the mother will not be back. It usually takes 8 hours max for the squirrel mother to return. In cold weather, it is recommended that the squirrel baby be brought in.

squirrel exclusion roof edge in old toronto
Covering up the entrance with mesh would keep squirrels out for good.


This is a classic squirrel tale where squirrels find a spot and exploit it. If you hear activity in the morning, make sure to call a reputable pest control company like Squirrel Control. Squirrels can be very destructive critters that can wreak havoc on insulation, the attic space, and even the flooring. Squirrels can cost homeowners a lot of money, so swift action is definitely recommended!

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