case study a squirrel removal in mississauga

A Squirrel In Mississauga

The initial call to the property was for a customer who had been having repeated incidents of squirrels entering her attic in Mississauga. The job was done in the summer but the issues began as early as April. Having a squirrel in your attic is one of the most dangerous things that can happen. They are rodents by family and possess incisors that never stop growing. They collect nuts and have no interest in your kitchen but may access your garbage. The most common reason for rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats is the presence of accessible food on the property. As well as water. If you eat outside a lot, have fruit or nut trees, feed your pets or children outside or leave a bird feeder or birdbath outside then you are assured to have wildlife on your property eating and drinking everything you have provided for them. Getting rid of any animal is the same. Take away the reason they came, even if you have cut down that nut tree, whatever it takes.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the exterior revealed a number of access points including an obvious entryway and the peak of the house near the bottom left as a very weak soffit roof and wall intersection. These areas are very easy for squirrels and other small wildlife like birds to access. They can break through the limited amount of material used to seal the area off and enter directly into the attic. This area must be sealed off and a one-way door installed in order to forcibly but humanely vacate the squirrel.

This roof area is a very sensitive and accessible spot, it is called a soffit roof intersection and the addition of a wall into the mix makes it very easy to break through and allows entry straight into the attic.
The entryway was clear. the hole through the intersection was large enough for a squirrel. the technician knew this was a clear and obvious wildlife entryway.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included attaching a one-way door which is a black rubber-coated gravity-based escape door designed with a flap that the animal can pass through but cannot reenter without opposable thumbs. This type of door does not work for raccoons. The one-way door is the only acceptable and humane way to get an animal out of your attic. Any other method, trapping, poisoning or even killing it directly with a weapon is illegal and inhumane.

one-way door was attached to the damaged area to allow the animal to vacate humanely.
The one-way door was attached to the damaged area to allow the animal to vacate humanely. try to force it out in any other way is very dangerous and illegal.

Proposed exclusion

The proposed exclusion by the technician was to seal off the soffit roof wall intersection using galvanized steel mesh. When the animal was vacated the technician removed the one-way door and sealed off the area permanently. This along with a two-year warranty on the entryway can protect your attic and roof for a great deal longer than the warranty provides. The only better way to get rid of animals in your attic is to get a new roof installed by wildlife specialists.

area was sealed off and protected from further animal access
The area was sealed off and protected from further animal access. this is the best method of keeping animals out.


In conclusion, The animal was vacated and the customers were pleased. The one-way door was taken down and the area excluded. There has not been an attempt since to enter the entryway and the attic is safe from wildlife ingress.

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