squirrel entrance point found on fascia

Case Study : Chewed Squirrel Entrance in Guelph

Exterior inspection 

A technician was dispatched to the site of a residential house in Guelph. The homeowner complained of noises in the early mornings. The technician already suspected that it was a squirrel based on the activity. Squirrels are very active during the early hours of the night, and this is heard from the constant pitter-patter they make running around. Having squirrels is not only noisy but also very destructive. The technician decided to do an exterior inspection. Exterior inspections are highly important in the squirrel removal process because it offers a closer look at what is really going on. 

overgrown plants made the inspection challenging
Overgrown plants made positioning the ladder a challenge for the exterior inspection.

Moreover conducting the exterior inspection also allows the technician to spot vulnerable areas around the perimeter of the house itself. Wildlife and squirrels will take advantage of about any hole, gap, and crevice. Not only that, but vents placed around the house can also serve as an entrance into the home, especially roof vents covers. The material is often made out of plastic which squirrels can easily bite through. rain pipes, exhaust pipes, and circulation vents are also areas of concern that homeowners should take seriously. In older cities, the infrastructure of houses is also much older, especially when one lives in a heritage home.  

The exterior inspection was fruitful and a main-entry point was found in the flashing of the roof. The technician noted that it was pretty difficult to get a steady footing with his ladder since there was overgrown vegetation. Technicians have to prioritize safe handling of equipment and must take precautionary measures to ensure their safety. This is why all of our technicians are certified at working at heights. Squirrel jobs are an extra risky endeavor because of that. 

squirrel entrance point found
an entry point was found which seemed to have been chewed by the squirrel

It looks like the squirrel found its way through chewing through the flashing, depending on the material, squirrels can usually get through most soft metals. Their incisors are often underestimated because we picture them eating nuts. In reality, squirrels are a destructive force that gnaw on everything to keep their incisors trimmed. They even gnaw on electrical wiring making them a threat to safety. 

Initial Measures Taken

The technician also inspects if other entry points are present besides the one found. If squirrels do indeed use another entry point, it must be sealed leaving only one entry point open. It is because the technician covers the entry point with an ingenious contraption called the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption that allows the squirrel to exit the property and locking it out. The door swings open one way and close. The squirrel is not able to get in anymore and is forced the evacuate the area for good. The average wait time for this to happen is about a week to 10 days. 

The technician returned a week later and inspected the interior of the entry point to make sure the squirrel has left the building. After confirming that, he sealed the hole with galvanized steel mesh and secured it with bolts. The material can withstand any attack or attempt by wildlife animals to get it. 


The case was successfully closed and the homeowner was happy with the result. Noises were not reported anymore since our last visit. Homeowners must report their concerns to a wildlife animal control service immediately, even when in doubt. In most cases there is indeed an animal present whether it be a raccoon or a squirrel, they are equally destructive despite their size. Wildlife animals often find themselves in the attic especially in places like Guelph.

entry point was sealed with mesh
The entry point was sealed after the One Way Door was removed

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