When Are Squirrels Active in the Attic

What Should You Do To Get Rid Of The Squirrels From Your Attic

Squirrels are a very destructive and a noisy bother once they occupy the attic of the house. Once these animals gnaw through the roof or eaves they live in your insulation, hence soaking it with their urine as well as littering the attic with their droppings. Eventually, squirrels can also become a very serious fire hazard if they chew the electric wires. Immediately you discover that you have squirrels in your attic, it is essential to get rid of them soon enough. The longer you take, the trickier the assignment will be.

Search carefully for all the entry points and for any evidence of nesting; squirrels make nests and tunnels in the insulation. Also check for any stains and droppings on the floor of the attic to locate the traveling paths of these critters.

Decide on the type of trap to use. The squirrels are lighter and smaller so there is greater possibility that they will escape from the substandard economy traps. A repeater trap, which holds multiple animals, is the most effective to control their population. The commercial live trap is another option; however it only holds one creature at a time. An excluding repeater trap can as well be used for filling out the entry points and at the same time excluding more squirrels from getting in and trapping those getting out. This is a very significant tool if you have discovered all their entry points.

Place traps along traveling routes and in the insulation nests. Make sure all the traps are strategically positioned; otherwise you won’t catch the squirrels.

Once you catch the squirrels, cover the traps with a towel and then drive it at least a few miles away from your home and release them. The most important thing is to handle these creatures in more humane manner. Don’t forget that they are very smart creatures that can find their way back home if you just release them nearby.

Wait for at least three weeks so as to make sure that the whole population is gone and then go ahead and seal permanently all the holes, openings and their entry points with steel wire or copper wool. The squirrels can’t chew through this kind of materials.

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