Can Baby Squirrels be Trapped in My Home

Can Baby Squirrels be Trapped in My Home

Can baby squirrels be trapped in my home? Do traps work? Baby squirrels living in the attic can be a matter of concern as they can gnaw on electrical wires and boards. There is usually a litter of 3-5 baby squirrels in the attic and homeowners become aware of their presence as they make a lot of noise. Due to their small size they can fall into wall cavities and make persistent scratching as they are unable to come out and may eventually die if they are not able to escape. Any dead animal trapped in a wall cavity can be the cause of persistent bad odor around your home.

The presence of baby squirrels often complicates things because if you trap the adult female and leave the babies they can continue to make a lot of noise. They may also not be able to survive without their mother. The babies as they lay in a cluster are not easy to catch. They do not enter traps and this can make it harder for you to catch them. It is best to trap the entire family so that you are able to relocate them easily. It is advisable to hire a professional who know how to trap the adult squirrel with the offspring.

If you want to trap the adult and baby squirrels on your own you may have to first determine if the young are large enough to go out without any assistance. If the squirrels are small you have the option of waiting till they are large enough for you to trap them. You may have to go inside the attic if you want to catch them on your own without a trap. Look everywhere for the babies as they may be hidden along the walls or any other warm spot. Wear thick gloves as even the baby squirrels can bite. Relocate the mother and babies so that they get the best chance for survival at a new location.

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