Can Squirrels Cause Electrical Damage to My House

Can Squirrels Cause Electrical Damage to My House

Most people think squirrels are cute and adorable in the wild. Some even feed them. But don’t be fooled – Squirrels can and do cause electrical damage to homes across the world each year. Squirrels are a member of the ‘rodent’ family, the same family as rats. Just like rats – they love to chew, and chew, and chew. Because of this when a squirrel gets into your home (usually the attic) they can do a lot of damage with the worst damage being an electrical fire or flooding. They love to chew on electrical wires, pipes, wood, vents, siding and just about everything.

What can a homeowner do to protect themselves from squirrels invading their home and how do they get rid of them once they are already there? First, there are several steps that can be taken to protect your home. Squirrels are like most animals and are always on the lookout for food, shelter, and a safe place to raise their young. If you have bird feeders, water fountains, and gardens near you house then they are probably already scouting your home out.

Attics are very similar to trees: they are high up in the air (safe), hollowed out, and provide a great shelter from many predators. To keep them away from your home you simply need to eliminate or reduce the ‘attractiveness’ of your home by moving feeders, food and water sources away from your home if possible. To keep them out check the outside of your home for ‘entry ways’ like torn screened vents, holes in your eaves, and any openings that a rat or squirrel could get in through.

Then seal them up nice and tight! And don’t forget to trim all tree branches back away from your house, especially near the attic. Even the most vigilant homeowner can’t always escape the persistence of squirrels and they may get in to have their babies, seek shelter, make a home, or simply to find something to chew on. When this does happen the best bet is to trap them and remove them. Traps fall into two main categories: ‘kill them’ or relocate them’ and most people have an easy time deciding which is the best option. Make sure to consult local laws regarding squirrel trapping and if it is something you don’t wish to do alone – call a professional animal removal service in your area to do it for you!

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