How to Know if There are Squirrels in Your Attic

Squirrels and other rodents always look for shelter from predators and the elements. They may therefore invade your house in search for shelter and food. Most likely, you will find them in the attic where you rarely go due to their fear of human beings. Mother squirrels may also invade your attic to raise their young during the months of October to May. Squirrels come into your house through openings between floors and open windows. They can be quite a nuisance and it is good to know if they are in your attic to get rid of them.

Squirrels are active during the day unlike other rodents such as raccoons. Look out for any noises such as scurrying an scampering on floors and any scratching. Their activities die down as soon as night time comes. Squirrels have round or oval shaped smooth droppings the size of raisins. The droppings are usually light brown in color. I you spot any of them, it could mean you are living with squirrels in your house. Use all-purpose flour on a cardboard or entrance of your attic to check for foot prints.

Squirrels usually have four digits in the front paws an five in the hind ones. A squirrel foot print will also reveal sharp claws in the front  feet and three large palm pads while the rear feet have four palm pads. Mother squirrels will usually bring in materials such as grass to make the nest for their young ones. Look out for signs of such materials. They may also have stashes of nuts and other foods in the attic in a corner. Squirrels gnaw on wires and floor boards and that is their worst trait in your house as they may affect electrical supply and appliances.

Signs of such gnawing may generally indicate the presence of squirrels or other rodents such as rats. In some rare cases you might see them scampering in and out of your house as they forage during the day.

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