Which Season Should I Expect Squirrels to Infiltrate My House

Which Season Should I Expect Squirrels to Infiltrate My House

A squirrel is a small animal that has a bushy tail, large eyes, soft and silky fur, and sturdy claws. They are rodents that can chew on wood, insulations, and ductwork. Therefore, they pose certain dangers such as fire, electric failure, and scratched tiles and floors. They usually enter the house through roof vents, eave gaps, and unprotected pipes. They will mostly enter your home in the winter months to escape the dreadful cold conditions However, if they have located a protected area in your home they will utilize that area to hide and raise their young.


Use repeater traps: Before using this trap, inspect the house to know any squirrel entrance and exit point. Seal these holes but leave the main entrance open. Set the exclusion door on the open hole. The repeater trap will allow the squirrels inside your house to pass through and go out. This door is one-way; therefore, called exclusion door, it does not let any squirrel back into the house.

Use cage traps: These are mesh cages that are placed on roofs, attics, eaves, and large openings. You are able to trap all squirrels in your house and also in your surroundings. However, this plan is not effective since you can end up trapping the wrong squirrels.

-You can also slowly approach a squirrel with a blanket in front of your body. Be cautious not to let it see you. When you are within range, drop the blanket and roll it up. Take the squirrel away from your house and release
it. However, this plan rarely works.

-When the laws of the province do not allow you to trap the squirrels, you can call your local pest control office for assistance. However, they end up using the same methods.


-Use of poison: Most squirrels do not eat the poisoned food, and if they eat and die, open holes and vents would allow other squirrels to get into your house.

-Setting squirrel traps in the attic: Although most people use this formulae, it rarely works. This is because squirrels rarely walk on the floor.

-Use of repellent powder and sprays: They do not work since they are only strong enough to repel for a given time. After their active era is other, the squirrels are able to re-enter your house.


-The next thing is to ensure that the squirrel does not get back in. You can do this by:

-Replacing your vent and screen on your gable

-Closing all entrances that the squirrel might use to get in your house

-Placing a screen on all open vents or pipes

-Renovating your house to clean the mess made by the squirrel

-Inspecting your house and search for young squirrels in your walls. This is because most squirrels move into the houses to give birth.

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