5 Benefits of Squirrel Repellents

5 Benefits of Squirrel Repellents

Although squirrels can generally be considered to be cute and adorable animals, the truth is that they can be quite a nuisance especially when they come into contact with furniture or when they choose to make the attic their home/playing ground. While setting traps for them or poisoning them might be an option, it is not a humane option, neither is it an ethical one. The solution is to control squirrels by using squirrel repellent. Aside from being harmless to squirrels, there are many other benefits of squirrel repellents.

1. They are environmental friendly

One of the biggest benefits of these repellents is that they are friendly to the environment. Using them will not have any side effects on humans, pets or the vegetation. The fact that they are bio-degradable makes them even more environmental friendly.

2. They will keep other rodents away as well

Squirrels are not the only animals that wreak havoc on humans and their property. In fact, rats and rabbits are equally as annoying as squirrels are. One of the biggest benefits of using squirrel repellents is that it is literally like hitting two birds with one stone; they will keep rats, rabbits and even deer at bay.

3. They are Long-Lasting

Squirrel repellents are not like mosquito repellents which have to be regularly used for them to work. In fact, one only needs to use squirrel repellents for a maximum of 4 times in a year for them to be effective all year round. This, coupled with the fact that they take away the need to hire professional pest control services makes them quite cost effective.

4. Healthier Garden/Vegetation

Squirrels and other critters such as rabbits and deer love feasting on vegetables. This can be quite detrimental to the health and development of the vegetables and greens in a garden. In addition to that, they can greatly hamper efforts to maintain a beautiful and organized landscape. Using squirrel repellents keeps rabbits, deer, rats and squirrels away which in turn translate to a healthier, greener and more aesthetically pleasing garden.

5. They are easy to use

The fact that squirrel repellents come ready-to-use makes them easy and quick to use. Aside from that, the only thing required to administer these repellents is to spray or sprinkle them in places where the squirrels and other rodents visit a lot. Even better is the fact that they are safe to use meaning that anyone can administer them without having to worry about side-effects and other complications.

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