Case Study Squirrel breach in Guelph

Case Study: Squirrel breach in Guelph

Exterior Inspection

A technician was dispatched to a residential property in Guelph regarding a squirrel breach. The technician on-site immediately started conducting an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection during a squirrel call is crucial because it helps the technician understand the squirrel situation better. The exterior inspection’s main goal is to locate and identify the main entry point that the squirrel or squirrel use to enter and exit the space among other entry points around the perimeter of the building. The exterior inspection also helps locate vulnerable possible points that can be exploited. Entry points are usually found in older houses. Some squirrels take advantage of the soffit intersection or other existing gaps where they can push through with little force by biting, tearing, or gnawing through it. 

The homeowner let the technician know that squirrel noises were heard every day and that there was no clear entry point. After the exterior inspection, the technician identified several vulnerable areas and one main entry point indeed where the roofs meet. Squirrels often access the attic as a way to shelter themselves against the outdoor elements and threats. Seeing that this was happening in May, the squirrel may have very well been looking for a place to give birth to baby squirrel which often happens in mid-summer and early spring. Squirrels often break into human habitats and construct nests inside. Squirrels are often active during the early hours of the night around 4 am. When pitter-patter is heard, squirrels might very well be involved. 

Initial Measures Taken 

To start the exclusion process, the technician sealed all the possible entry points that it had found during the initial inspection. The areas that were identified as vulnerable were noted and the information was conveyed to the homeowner to be recommended to be sealed. The technician went on to install a One-Way Door. The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption that allows animals to exit one way. Once the squirrel exit the One-Way Door it cannot get back in resulting in the squirrel being locked out of the space. Once the squirrel realizes this, it will evacuate the area. When the technician installs the One-Way Door, patience is required on the homeowner’s end. It will take a few days before the squirrel decides to venture outside in search of food and water. 

squirrel one way door mounted in guelph
squirrel One-way Door mounted on the roof in Guelph

The technician came back for a second visit and removed the One-Way Door that was held in place with washers and bolts. The hole was sealed with galvanized steel mesh. Additionally, the homeowner took up the recommendations during the initial visit and decided to have vent covers installed with the same galvanized steel mesh. Galvanized steel mesh is an incredibly durable material that can withstand any attack and any attempt by wildlife animals trying to get in. It can resist tearing, gnawing, biting, pulling, and any other method. The number of vents covers that were installed totaled up to 6. 

vent covers on roof in guelph
Vent covers were mounted on a roof after they posed a risk


Squirrels continue to plague residential areas across Ontario, especially in the winters and in the warmer months. Many people have to be wary of vulnerable areas around the house that can be easily exploited. When sounds are heard from the upper floors you might be dealing with squirrels and even raccoons. Roof damage can be one sign to verify presence in the home. In the end, the homeowner reported sounds coming from squirrels. The case was successfully closed. 

sealing of main entry point in guelph
The entry point was sealed off with galvanized steel mesh


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