Case Study: Squirrels Chew Through Soffits and Roof Vents in Oshawa

The following case study details a squirrel removal job in Oshawa where squirrels had broken into the attic through the soffit and roof vent. One-way doors were installed to these openings to let the animals out safely, and a comprehensive exclusion of other potential entry points has since left this attic pest-free. For more information on squirrel removal, call Squirrel Control. We offer safe and humane squirrel removal and proofing services across the GTA.


The homeowner in this case called Squirrel Control in April after months of squirrel activity on her roof. Squirrels could be seen running around on the roof and there was a visible hole in a soffit where they were suspected to be entering the attic. Squirrel invasions like this are common in Oshawa in the spring when females need a place to raise their young. A technician soon arrived on the scene to investigate.

At Squirrel Control, our technicians carry out detailed inspections to find exactly where squirrels are nesting as well as every structural vulnerability they could use in the future. This allows us to remove the squirrels more effectively and offer comprehensive wildlife-proofing so that no more animals break in. Here, the technician found two entry points: one in the soffit and the other in a roof vent. Two sets of squirrels had chewed their way through these openings to reach the attic inside.

Chewed Soffit Vent and Squirrel Nesting Material
The vent on the soffit had visible chew marks. Removing its cap revealed nesting material and a gap large enough to fit a squirrel.
Squirrel Chewed Roof Vent
Squirrels have super strong teeth that never stop growing, which allows them to chew through plastic roof vents like the one above.

In addition to these entry points, the technician noted another hole in the soffit that had the potential to let animals in and out of the attic. This one resembled the other vent in the soffit, so its cap may have fallen off at some point and revealed a hole. The other roof vents were also exposed to wildlife, so these would have to be protected to avoid another invasion.

Squirrel Entry Points in Soffits
Squirrels are adept climbers that will take advantage of openings in the soffits. The holes here were two storeys high.
Exposed Roof Vents Oshawa
Roof vents are unfortunately prone to squirrel and raccoon break-ins as they can be chewed through and torn off. Thankfully, they can be covered with a pest-proof mesh.

To remove the squirrels, the technician on site recommended having one-way doors installed to the points of entry in the soffit and roof vent. These consist of tubes made of galvanized steel mesh, with inner flaps that only swing outward. One-way doors resemble traps but are open-ended to let the animals out safely. Once out, they would find another place to live. At this time of year, there were no babies present in the nests.

The technician also recommended having the other hole in the soffit and the roof vents covered with galvanized steel mesh to ensure that the squirrels would not come right back. Galvanized steel is a strong and flexible material that can be cut and shaped to cover these kinds of vulnerabilities. Squirrels cannot chew through it nor squeeze through its gaps. The homeowner agreed to go ahead with the plan, so the technician immediately got to work.

Removal and Exclusion

First, the technician patched the hole in the soffit with mesh, then covered the roof vents. The mesh was simply measured and cut to fit over them, then screwed into the roof to stay in place. Next, the one-way doors were installed over the points of entry the animals were using to reach their nests.

Squirrel One-Way Doors Replaced with Mesh
Keeping the entry points sealed would ensure that no more squirrels break into the attic. The pest-proofing at Squirrel Control comes with a 2-year warranty, so if they were to break, a technician would come back and fix them.
Squirrel One-Way Door in Soffit
One-way doors are excellent for removing squirrels humanely. The animals simply crawl their way out and can’t get back in.

Once everything was good to go, the technician advised the homeowner to listen carefully for squirrel activity in the attic and expect the animals to leave within about a week. Squirrels leave their nests every day to find food. The technician would then return to remove the doors and replace them with mesh.

As expected, the squirrels were gone within a few days. The noises in the attic stopped, and there was a decrease in squirrel activity on the roof. The squirrels had crawled their way through the one-way doors and found other places to nest. The technician then returned to this Oshawa property to remove the doors and replace them with more steel mesh.

Wildlife Exclusion Roof Vent Cover Steel Mesh
Covering the hole in the soffit would continue to allow air to flow while preventing any more animals from getting inside. Roof vent covers are also affordable and discreet. Once installed, wildlife cannot chew their way through the vents nor tear the mesh off.


Squirrel invasions like the ones, in this case, are common in Oshawa and throughout the GTA. Roofs must be maintained and protected to avoid letting the animals in. If there are lots of squirrels in your neighbourhood and you want to keep them out, contact Squirrel Control. We are a team of professional wildlife removers that can handle any squirrel problem. Removing the animals from the attic is a straightforward process to the experienced technician. We remove squirrels humanely and keep them out with our guaranteed wildlife-proofing services. Call Squirrel Control today.

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