Case Study: Squirrels Break into Attic in Old Toronto

Case Study: Squirrels Break into Attic in Old Toronto

The following case study deals with a squirrel removal job in Old Toronto. Squirrels were found nesting in the attic of a single-family home and removed safely with the use of a one-way door. The squirrels managed to get inside by squeezing through a gap in the roof’s edge. A full exclusion of the roof’s edge has since kept the animals out. If you are concerned about the squirrels in your area, give us a call and a technician will come to inspect. We provide comprehensive solutions to squirrels and wildlife.


The homeowner, in this case, called Squirrel Control because he suspected that squirrels were getting inside the attic. There was an abundance of squirrel activity on the roof, and scratching sounds could be heard in the ceiling at the front of the house. These are typical signs of a squirrel invasion. Squirrels are noisy and especially active in the fall when this took place. A technician soon arrived to investigate and solve the problem.

The technician, upon arrival, examined the roof closely for entry points and vulnerabilities. Here, he found the squirrel’s entry point along the edge of the roof. Lifting the shingles revealed as many as 15 feet of gaps. This is a common entry point. With time, the shingles lift off the roof and the edges of the roof split away from the framing of the house. Squirrels find these openings and chew them wider to get inside the attic. Because it was fall, the squirrel was likely preparing for winter and building a nest here to wait out the cold.

Squirrel Entry Point in Roof Edge
Squirrels will take advantage of any opening they find on the roof. They can sense that the interior is warm.

Squirrels are not aggressive to humans, but they are destructive. Squirrels nesting in the attic will damage the insulation and contaminate it with feces and urine. This not only damages the insulation but the ceiling below, as the moisture from the urine seeps down over time. Making holes in the roof also exposes the attic to the elements, causing mold and rot. Squirrels will also chew on electrical wires, risking power outages and creating a fire hazard.

To remove the squirrels safely, the technician recommended having a one-way door installed to the entry point, then excluding the rest of the roof’s edge with mesh. A few weeks later, the technician would return and replace the door with mesh. The homeowner took some time to think it over, then called us back to get the work started.

Removal and Exclusion

A few days later, the technician returned to the property to carry out the squirrel’s removal and exclusion. First, he installed a one-way door to the entrance of the squirrel’s den. The one-way door is a lightweight mesh that swings outward. As soon as the animal wants to leave its den, it simply pushes its way through the door. When it returns, it cannot get back inside and finds another place to live.

Squirrel One Way Door in Roof Edge
The one-way door is a highly effective method of squirrel removal. It is totally humane and usually evicts squirrels within a few days of its installment.

Following the installation of the one-way door, 15 feet of exclusion was installed along the drip edge of the home. The material used was a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh. This mesh is thick enough to withstand the chewing and tearing of squirrels and other animals. The spaces within the mesh are also narrow enough not to let rodents through. Additional exclusion like this helps keep squirrels out permanently. Squirrels are persistent animals that, once evicted, will come right back and find another way inside.

Roof Edge Exclusion Toronto
Securing mesh along the edges of the roof would protect it from future invasions.


A few weeks later, in November, a member of the Squirrel Control team returned to the property to remove the one-way door and replace it with more mesh. The homeowner was no longer hearing squirrels in the attic. The squirrel that was living there before had probably found another place to live nearby.

Squirrel removal is straightforward when getting the help of experienced technicians. The professionals at Squirrel Control know the signs of an infestation and know where to look for points of entry. We can find where squirrels are nesting and remove them humanely, so no one gets hurt. Our exclusion services keep animals out for good. We are so sure of our team’s capabilities that our squirrel removal services come with a 2-year warranty. Call us today if there are squirrels giving you trouble.

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