What are some good spring squirrel invasion prevention tips

What are some good spring squirrel invasion prevention tips?

Spring is a time of rebirth for the squirrel community. They all get together and make whoopie until the females are pregnant. This is actually a difficult thing to do because squirrel females are only capable of getting pregnant on usually a single day of the year. So it gets pretty crazy as the male madly and repetitively makes love with the female in the hopes that it takes and produces offspring, its his only chance this year is to impregnate as many females as possible to spread his genetic material as far as possible.  Have squirrels you want to get rid of? Contact Squirrel Removal Toronto for all your squirrel problems!

Now these female squirrels need somewhere to raise their babies. And that place is usually on your property or even in your home. Attics are commonplace for squirrels with babies to nest. So how can you dissuade squirrels from coming to your property? There are a lot of ways. 

You can take care of your garbage first. Make sure it is stored tightly in a locked container and stored in a garage with a door that tightly meets the floor, this will prevent squirrels from getting in your garbage, and no garbage means no food. It’s also important not to feed your pets outside as the food they drop out of their mouths attracts squirrels. Make sure not to leave your own food outside as well. Its nice to dine in the light of the moon but your leftovers could feed a dozen families of squirrels and that may well be what shows up the next morning. 

You can also cover your gardens with steel mesh and put aluminum collars on your trees. Make sure to trim the branches though because squirrels are great jumpers. You can also call a professional to get some exclusion work done on your home to seal up areas an animal could get into or even break into. All of this should be enough to prevent a squirrel infestation.

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