Can Squirrels See Colour

Can Squirrels See Colour?

Squirrels can see colour, but not like we do. Squirrels unfortunately cannot tell the difference between red and green. This means they don’t get to enjoy the beautiful colours of fall. What they can do, however, is break into the house when you least expect it. If you enjoy watching the squirrels outside, be sure to pest-proof the structure of your home so you can continue to enjoy them. Squirrel invasions can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs and risk making you sick. Call Squirrel Removal Toronto if you are interested in squirrel-proofing your property or if you need squirrels removed.

Squirrels are small rodents that live in forests and residential areas. As omnivores, they feed on a varied diet of seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetables, insects, and more. Squirrels are excellent climbers and adapt very well to urban living. There are hundreds of squirrel species out there. Squirrels can see colour, but they cannot tell reds and greens apart. They have what is called dichromatic colour vision, which means they can distinguish red and green from other colours, but they cannot differentiate between red and green. They appear the same. Squirrels have what is similar to red-green colour blindness in humans.

If there are squirrels on your property, know that they can make their way indoors. Squirrels are attracted to attics because, like trees, they are high up above the ground and offer shelter from the cold. To get inside, squirrels will chew and claw their way through vents, chimneys, soffits, and other openings they find on the roof. As rodents, they have very strong teeth that can chew through practically anything. Wood, plastic, rubber, and aluminum are no match to a squirrel’s teeth. Once indoors, they will build nests in the insulation, contaminating it with feces, urine, and harmful pathogens.

To squirrel-proof your property, start by making the exterior unattractive to squirrels. Switch to squirrel-proof bird feeders or remove them entirely. Harvest your fruits and vegetables on time and consider using row covers to protect your vegetables. Use lidded garbage cans and always pick up after a meal outside. Mow the lawn on a regular basis and rake the leaves. Check the outer structure of your home every few years and make all necessary repairs. Squirrels will take advantage of any opening they find. Cover your chimneys and vents with a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh and seal cracks with caulking.

If there are squirrels living in your home, call a local pest removal company immediately. They have the training and equipment necessary to safely remove the animals. Getting rid of squirrels yourself is much easier said than done. Squirrels will get aggressive if you get too close, and their attacks could cause infection. The technicians at Squirrel Control have multiple years of experience in removing squirrels and providing guaranteed exclusion services. The sooner you give us a call, the better. Call Squirrel Control for safe, affordable, and reliable pest control services: 647-496-0815.

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